open awareness

working with noise

First open your eyes. Now while keeping your eyes open imagine yourself as an empty space in which all sounds are happening. They come and go. They pass through the empty space of your body. None of them can harm you. The noise of passing cars and motorbikes, the horns, the voices of people. All of them are happening inside the empty space which is you. Check the reaction of your mind. Is it trying to push away any of these sounds? Is it getting tense or stressed by the sounds around? If yes don’t worry. Just recognize the tension and try to find a relax pace around the tension. Allow the tension to be there. After few moments you might notice that the tension slowly lessens. The mind slowly relaxes. Try this approach with the sounds around. See how the mind reacts to them. Is it getting tense, does it trying to push away or block the sound? Remind yourself that the sounds are nature. They already had happened. You can not do anything about them. Your mind already registered them. So even the noisiest sound is already in the mind. Trying to push it away will not work. It will only bring a tension to the mind. Nothing more. And create more stress.

By marcin wozich

I love open awareness and I love coffee...

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