open awareness

what is your flavor?

Can you tell what is your flavor?
How do “you” taste?
The trees taste like my mother.
My new trousers taste a little bit like a friend that wears similar ones.
But how do you taste from inside?
How do “you” taste for your own consciousness?

But what is this flavor?
How does it taste?
The taste of life is coca-cola,
So this one is easy…
But the taste of me?

Sometimes the entire world tastes like me,
Only humans inside taste different.
Their bodies taste like me,
But their faces different.
Often, nature tastes like my mother and sisters,
After that, like me.
But then all world tastes more like a woman
Than a man.

Familiar tastes like this, not familiar like that.
Knowing tastes like this,
Not knowing like that.
Being tastes like this, not being like that.
Blue tastes like this,
Red tastes like that.
Something tastes like this,
Nothing tastes like that.
Real tastes like this,
Not real tastes like that.
Being right tastes like this,
Not being right tastes like that.
Being interested tastes like this, not being interested tastes like that

Big boiling soup of continuously shifting flavors


Is your black tasting like mine black?
Is your not seeing tasting like mine not seeing?
Is your pain tasting like my pain?
Is your “I” tasting like mine “I”???

Do you taste like me?