café Samadhi

a mental space where consciousness can relax and merge into the universe around

Café Samadhi is a website dedicated to coffee shop’s meditations i.e. a relaxed exploration of the Mind. I hope that both beginning and more experienced meditators will find something interesting here, something that will inspire them to further explore this amazing process we call Life. The thoughts on the blog have been broken down into three main categories:

The hydraulics of the Mind

“The hydraulics of the Mind” is a rough outline of the general principle of how the Mind works. In these texts we will try to identify the general causes of mental tension that separates us from happiness.

Open awareness

“Open awareness” is a series of reflections on how to release the consciousness from the shell of thoughts and fear. It is a set of approaches to a tense mind that allows it to relax, and open up.


“Flow” is a record of consciousness’s vibrations, movements of thoughts, flashes of associations that have brought the mind into a state of deeper openness and silence. It is a registration of the meditation process or the process of “open awareness” in action.