The roots of Yoga are in the Present

The Self is not passive, it actively knocks on your heart. It actively tries to break through the veil of separation between you and the word, you and others, the inside and the outside. Yoga, the flow of movements, breaths, bandhas and mudras – all this activity is not an invention of a thinking mind. It’s the activity of the Self, the intelligence of Nature, that takes control of the body, expresses itself in activities of the body, to liberate you from the chains of fear, which the thinking mind wrapped around the heart in order to protect itself and survive. This phenomenon only occurs in the Present. It’s not an activity of the past nor a modification or evolution of memory or thought structures.Yoga arises in any time, in any culture, in any individual that somehow, for a moment, completely surrenders, lets go of any form of control, striving, or modifying. Try, try sometime to listen to the voice of your body beyond any knowledge, any system, any direction.