open awareness

reading exercise

This is an interesting exercise that helps recognize how the mind is creating concepts.

While you’re reading these words, you probably can hear an inner voice in your head voicing them out. You can see that there is some feeling, some identity attached to this voice. Although it’s your mind reading, the voice seems to be a voice of someone else. A voice of someone who wrote this text. Of course, you probably cannot know how the author’s voice really sounds like. But your mind is still giving you an impression that there is someone talking to you. Someone else with a certain personality. Certain life on its own. It is important to recognize that all this is happening only in your mind. Your mind is creating this impression, this feeling that someone other than you is talking to you these words.

Actually, the whole reading process is a little bit similar to listening to someone else talking.  In reality, all this is projected by your mind, it’s mere an impression created in your mind by your mind. This is one example of how the mind creates concepts. In this case, a concept of someone else talking to you these words. (It’s quite interesting that even if you write something on your own, your mind starts to create a feeling, a concept of a person who writes and that feeling, that impression is quite different from the other impression of a person who witnesses the whole process and rereading the written text later on.)

Try to recognize this feeling, this impression. Try to see how different it is from the impression or the feeling of ‘I’ that is doing the reading. Notice that both these impressions are created by the same mind. By you. The division between the reader (i.e. you) and the writer (i.e. the voice talking to you in your head) is fully conceptual, virtual. But still, there is this persisting feeling that there is someone else talking to you at this moment…